Camila Peroni

Vocal Descriptors:

Diverse, Empathetic, Wide Range, Believable, Latina

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Accents/Dialects: Spanish accented English from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia or general Latin America
Spanish neutral from Mexico, Argentina, U.S., and general Latin America
Spanish Colombian (neutral and regional: Bogotá, Medellín, Coast, Cali)

Democratic Voiceover Talent
Political Voiceover Actor
Female Political Voiceover
Millennial Political Voiceover
Latina Political Voiceover
Bilingual Political Voiceover
Hispanic Voiceover Talent


Contact Camila: | 424-275-7755 |

Camila is a full-time political voice actor as well as a commercial voiceover talent. In her 20+ years of experience (yes, she started really young!) Camila has represented major brands such as Amazon, Booking, J&J, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, McDonald's and many others. For more than 8 years and until 2021, she was been the voice of Falabella in Colombia and currently, she’s the official voice of Avianca Airlines worldwide (English and Spanish). Since 2019, she’s been the voice of Curaçao Department Stores in the U.S.

Camila is a proud Colombian voiceover artist, with Italian roots, that has multiple representation of renowned agents in the U.S and Mexico. Camila’s voice can be heard in both English and Spanish in Latin America, the Caribbean, the U.S. and even in Spain.

She can navigate across genres, including TV and radio as well as documentaries, corporate narration and eLearning with international clients like Rosetta Stone amongst many others. Her voice has a very wide range that can go from calm meditations, soothing and soft, or even raspy to very strong, grounded low gravitas for manifesto-like scripts. As a voice actor, she can deliver truth in her many real characters. What her clients love about her is how easy to direct she is. Working with Camila, you’ll find the best combination of Colombian fun and worldwide professionalism.

Studio Details

Camila's home studio includes a sound treated studio room, Warm Audio u47, Logic Pro, Apogee interface, and Mac.

Turnaround Time

Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT-8). Camila can offer next-day turnaround, and in emergencies, 3-hour turnaround.

Connection Details

Camila is available via SourceConnect, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

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Cartagena Studios #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

Comercial El parentesis de tiempo

Comercial Unidad por las marcas

Comercial Falabella


Curacao, Día de las Madres

YouTubeMusic LatinBrandFilm

Avianca #TodoParaEnamorarte

More About Camila Peroni

Political Voiceover Actor

For more than 24 years, Camila Peroni has worked as a VoiceOver talent. Yes, she started real early and that’s why she can offer a wide range of tones that make us believe she’s many different ages. She has worked with more than 100 brands, recording studios, agents, and advertising agencies in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Her main clients have been Falabella department store in Colombia, Avianca Airlines and Curaçao Department Stores in the US.
Camila Peroni graduated from college in Colombia as a professional advertiser and specialized in strategic marketing. She has worked in advertising agencies and production houses under the position of account manager; which has allowed her to get a 360 vision of the advertising field. She can step into her client’s shoes, which facilitates the work and negotiation process. Also she’s a valuable asset since she knows quite well, both Latin American markets, as well as the US.

To work with Camila is a great experience since she’s easy to direct, accessible and has a lot of fun. She calls herself a “voiceover barista”, mainly because she’s well grounded in the industry, like her Italian roots (yes, her family is Italian) and also because as a proud Colombian, she’s fun to work with, passionate and full of flavor. And, of course! She loves coffee! So don’t get surprised if she ends up inviting you to have a lovely cup of warm coffee to lift the spirit!

Political Issues & Causes:

Camila is proud to voice for Democrats, progressives and mission-driven organizations.

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