Andrea Balsa

Andrea Balsa, Voiceover Talent, sitting on a chair smiling to the camera

Vocal Descriptors:

Captivating, velvety, versatile, smooth, rich and powerful

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Accents/Dialects: Latin American, Mexican, Chicano, LatinX

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Meet Andrea, an Emmy nominated bilingual full-time female voiceover artist and voice actor with a remarkable career spanning nearly two decades in international entertainment and media industry. Andrea's exceptional talent and captivating voice have made her a sought-after choice for top brands such as Pepsi, Purina, Walgreens, Lowes, and many others.

Notably, Andrea has made her mark in the realm of political voiceover, lending her voice to successful campaigns for candidates like Catherine Cortez-Masto, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Katie Hobbs, Cesar Blanco and the Biden/Harris campaign. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver a quintessentially conversational and relatable tone makes her an ideal choice for projects targeting the Latin X, Millennial and Gen Z demographics.

In the International scope, Andrea was the Voice of God for the 2021 and 2022 Latin American Music Awards, as well as the announcer for the 2023 Miss Universe pageant and the first ever 2023 Billboard Latin Women in Music. This solidifies Andrea's position as a top-tier voiceover artist, known for her talent, professionalism, and ability to bring scripts to life.

Andrea's expertise extends beyond political campaigns and commercials. She was a News Anchor, a radio broadcaster and a communications specialist. Her unique sound and flawless back and forth between English and Neutral Spanish make her a valuable asset in capturing the attention and interest of all audiences.

She is a trusted voice for auto spots, explainer videos, corporate videos, announcements, e-learning narration, medical narrations, telephone and IVR systems, animations, etc.

Clients consistently rely on Andrea to deliver captivating and memorable voiceover performances that elevate their projects.
With her unique voice and remarkable ability to connect with audiences, Andrea has established herself as a celebrated voiceover artist. Her dedication, versatility, and commitment to excellence make her a trusted choice for brands and projects seeking an exceptional voice that truly stands out. When Andrea's voice takes center stage, it becomes an immersive experience that resonates long after the words are spoken.

Studio Details

Andrea maintains a professional studio that is equipped with a certified vocal booth, Neumann TLM-103 microphone, Sennheiser MK-416 microphone, Scarlett Interface, Adobe Audition Editing and Gigablast High Speed Ethernet Internet.

Turnaround Time

Andrea is a full-time voice talent and can offer immediate and same day turnaround.

Connection Details

Andrea is available for directed sessions via SourceConnect, ISDN, ipDTL, Phone Patch, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom

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Purina Beneful Incredibites Spanish TV Spot

Oral B Spanish National TV Spot

ShopHQ Promo

Witchlings Book Trailer English

Google Fiber ENGLISH

Ashley HomeStore Spanish National TV Spot

International Emmy Nomination

May 8, 2023

Miss Universe 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood

Walgreens Verano Seguro

Target Spanish

More About Andrea Balsa

Andrea Balsa is a passionate bilingual voiceover actor with over 20 years of experience in the world of broadcast media. Born in Mexico City and raised with fluency in both English and Spanish, Andrea discovered her love for the media industry at an early age. Even before obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, she had already established herself as an on-air personality at Alfa Radio 91.3FM, one of Mexico City’s top radio stations.

In 2004, Andrea made the bold decision to relocate to Las Vegas, where she joined Univision as a News Anchor, Reporter, and Producer. Her time at Univision allowed her to showcase her exceptional skills in various aspects of corporate communications. She embraced every opportunity that came her way, gaining invaluable experience and further honing her craft.

Throughout her career, Andrea’s talent and hard work have taken her to different parts of the world. As a full-time voice actor and a devoted mother of two, she not only lends her voice to projects but also provides assistance with translations, copy adaptation, and voiceover coaching. Her commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of her work is evident in the exceptional results she consistently achieves.

One of Andrea’s defining qualities is her unique and genuine warm voice, which seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish. Her flawless command of both languages has made her a sought-after talent on an international scale. Her voice has been heard on major live events such as the Latin American Music Awards, Miss Universe, and the first Billboard Latin Women in Music, captivating audiences worldwide. Additionally, she has lent her vocal talents to numerous national and international campaigns for renowned brands throughout the year.

Andrea is deeply grateful for the opportunities that have come her way and the ability to pursue her passion on a global scale. Her dedication to her craft and her role as a mother is an inspiration to those around her. She is known for her professionalism, reliability, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional work in every project she undertakes.

As a bilingual voiceover actor, Andrea continues to make her mark in the industry, leaving a lasting impression with her exceptional talent, warm personality, and versatility. Her ability to connect with audiences on a deep level, combined with her flawless linguistic abilities, ensures that her voice resonates with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Andrea’s journey as a bilingual voiceover actor is a testament to her passion, hard work, and unwavering determination. Her unique voice and exceptional skills have solidified her position as a highly respected professional in the field. As she continues to captivate audiences and lend her talents to diverse projects, Andrea’s voice will continue to make a lasting impact in the world of voiceover and beyond.

Political Issues & Causes:

- Womens rights - Equality - Education - Immigration Reform

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