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Vocal Descriptors:

Conversational, African American, Casual, Relatable, Upbeat, Professional, Urban (ish)


Democratic Voiceover Talent

Political Voiceover Artist

Male Political Voiceover

Voiceover For Politicals

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Andrew Lander is an award-winning male, African American voice actor with a not-quite-Urban but distinctly Black (ish) sound. Andrew has worked with AFSCME in support of their progressive politics at their 2020 International Convention. His voice resonates with Millennials and Gen Z, representing the indie gaming company 11 bit studios during their 2020 virtual trade show livestream. Clients love working with Andrew for his professionalism, responsiveness, and how he pays attention to every detail.

Andrew offers fast political voiceover production and recording from his dedicated home studio. 

Studio Details

Andrew's sound-treated, audio engineer-approved, home studio is equipped with a Rode NT1 microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, and Macbook Pro with Twisted Wave and iZotope plugins.

Turnaround Time

Andrew offers 24 hour turnaround and is available after traditional business operating hours on nights and weekends for urgent and rush jobs.

Connection Details

Andrew is available for live remote directed sessions via Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Phone Patch, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

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11 Bit Studio Show - Guerilla Collective

More About Andrew Lander

Political Voiceover Actor

Andrew is a fresh face on the voiceover scene, which is surprising considering the accomplishments he’s already racked up. He has agency representation on both sides of the country and can be heard worldwide on Apple News+ and Pandora. Andrew’s modern and nuanced sound is exactly the reason why clients love him! Whether it’s LeBron, Obama, or Lightning McQueen, everyone loves the ambitious newcomer!

Andrew was born and raised in Washington, DC (DC/DC Proper, not “Washington”…there’s a difference) in a middle class, predominantly Black neighborhood. Surrounded by People of Color with degrees from Howard, Morehouse, Yale, and other well-respected institutions of higher education, Andrew developed his sound and style from an environment of educated professionals resulting in his “Business Casual” persona. Think polo shirts and chinos talking around the water cooler about last night’s game — authentic, friendly, and professional without being stuffy or overly formal.

The DC Native spent most of his career in corporate America blazing his way through various industries including non-profit and private, gaining his experience in voiceover by giving presentations to everyone from executives to local community organizations and small business owners. His ability to switch his delivery between audiences to deliver a relatable message is shaped by both his professional pursuits as well as by his upbringing as a child of Black parents and grandparents who understood that America is a country where one must be able to effectively communicate in multiple ways in order to succeed and survive.

Andrew currently resides just outside Atlanta with his wife and three sons. He’s proudly involved with another group of talented, predominantly BIPOC voice actors who do nerdy things like produce Batman and Star Trek vocal plays.

Political Issues & Causes:

Andrew is passionate about the following Democratic and progressive issues:

- Black Lives Matter

- Criminal Justice Reform

- Universal Healthcare

- Student Debt

- Immigration Reform

- Climate Change

- Living Minimum Wage

- Gun Control

- LBGTQ Rights

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