Brent Mukai

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Vocal Descriptors:

Everyman, Millennial, Textured, Fun, Baritone, Unique

Pronouns: he/him/his

Accents/Dialects: Hawaiian/Pidgin, Japanese.

Contact Brent Mukai: | 702-403-7540 |

Brent is a SOVAS award-winning full-time male voice actor. Brent has a background in on camera acting, improv, and stand up comedy, and has represented major brands like ABC, Coca Cola, GM, Applebees and many more.

With his versatility, improv experience, and unique character voices that can span many age groups Brent can provide the Blue Collar Everyman type read, The Millennial, The Announcer and everything in between.

In the world of political voiceover, Brent has voiced for national candidates like Jon Tester, and Joe Biden, and as a Hawaii born talent, has also voiced for local Hawaiian candidates and causes such as Ernie Martin, Mike Victorino, Hawaii Education, Queen's Medical Center, and the Hawaii State Teachers Union.

In addition to his political voiceover work and commercials, Brent regularly provides voiceover services for explainer videos, corporate videos, video games, e-learning narration, anime, promo and more. While Brent has the range to provide voices for many different scenarios, at his core he's a fun, charismatic everyman with the power to get a point across in a relatable, approachable way.

Studio Details

Scott's Double Wall Booth, Neumann TLM 103 and Rode NTG-3 microphones, with Apollo Twin MkII interface, running on a new M1 Chip MacMini with Twisted Wave.

Turnaround Time

Brent is a full-time voice talent and can offer same-day turnaround, connection services, and is available after traditional business hours for urgent and rush jobs.

Connection Details

Brent owns his own home studio, and is available for remote directed sessions via SourceConnect, ipDTL, Phone Patch, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.

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More About Brent Mukai

Brent Mukai was born and raised in Pearl City Hawaii, and moved to Las Vegas Nevada a week before he turned 18. His goal was simple, to become the most famous man in the world… just kidding!

He wanted to find a way to somehow find a job that would feed his passion for narrative storytelling. He ventured into many different paths while in Las Vegas. In school at UNLV, he studied Film and Theater. Before graduating he was already working with a handful of indie film crews, making small indie films on the weekends. Mostly he lifted heavy things, or made coffee runs but eventually, Brent started writing his own material, and sometimes even wrote himself into projects so he could pursue his real dream of acting.

While still in college he also joined a local improv group, which eventually made their way to the Strip to perform regularly in shows at the Planet Hollywood and The Palms Resort and Casino. He also volunteered during the week and weekends to teach high schoolers improv at countless schools (unless you can count to about 10, which was around the actual number). Like any aimless twenty something with a dream in his heart, he also branched off into weird gigs, like writing sketches for the UFC Awards on Fox Sports Network, performing in the 50 Shades of Grey Musical Parody, teaching corporate workshops on the importance of improv principles in the workplace, roleplaying as a pharmacist to help pharmacists be better at pharmacy, and that one gig where he dressed up like a mime and helped people solve riddles in a scavenger hunt.

All this to say he’d had a lot of weird performing experiences, which helped him cultivate his chops for voiceover.

After training for a couple years, he went out into the world, and finally achieved his dream of working full time in a career that fulfilled him. Starting out with corporate jobs in commercials, political, corporate narration and elearning, then evolving into the character voice actor he is today with video games, anime and animation. Brent now lives in Los Angeles, working alongside some of the most prolific studios on the planet, and in his spare time sits around writing kickass bios in the third person *wink*

Political Issues & Causes:

As an artist born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Brent is extremely passionate about giving back to the arts community in Hawaii. He recently lent his time to the Hawaii Performing Arts Conservatory, raising funds for underprivileged youths to get scholarships towards their ambitions. Brent has also given back in high schools, and spent 10 of his 15 years in Las Vegas volunteering and teaching in a program that brought the joy of improv to high schoolers in the form of an after school program. He also regularly donates time and money to the voice acting community that has given so much to him.

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