Dustin Ebaugh

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Vocal Descriptors:

Honest, Clear, Articulate, Warm, Caring, Real

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Accents/Dialects: Southern, Midwestern, NYC/NJ, Boston, New England

Democratic Voiceover Talent
Political Voiceover Artist
Voiceover For Politicals
Male Political Voiceover Actor

Contact Dustin: dustin@dustinebaugh.com | 702-738-3386 |

Dustin has been a full-time political voice actor for over 15 years. He has done national TV and radio spots for many clients including Zaxby's and Nature Made Vitamins. He had the honor of seeing President Obama speak live twice in 2012 and regularly voices for The Democratic Party. Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, Doug Jones (AL-U.S. Senate), Pam Keith (FL-18, U.S. House), Rosa DeLauro (CT-3, U.S. House), Kali Barnett (KS-1, U.S. House), Eliot Bostar (NE-29, State Senate), and Nicole Quick (NC-59, State House) all use Dustin Ebaugh voiceover proudly!

Dustin stays busy recording lots of commercials, television and radio promos, as well as a fair amount of e-learning and on-hold messages for companies like Showtime. His natural delivery is honest and friendly, but he can also crank up the energy for his casino and automotive clients. Versatility is one of his best attributes.

Studio Details

Dustin has a pro home studio including a 4x6 Gretch-Ken sound booth, a new Mac Pro and Focusrite Red 4 preamp. Dustin uses the Neumann U87 and Sennheiser 416 microphones. His studio also features Mogami Gold cables exclusively and Focal monitors for the truest sound reproduction. Dustin uses TwistedWave and Adobe Audition DAWs.

Turnaround Time

Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT-8). Dustin is a full-time voice actor and can offer immediate and same-day turnaround. He's also available outside of normal business hours for urgent and rush jobs.

Connection Details

Dustin has a Telos Zephyr xStream ISDN codec and Source-Connect for client voiceover sessions. He also offers a phone patch for clients to listen in while he's self-recording. He is also available via iDTL, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

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More About Dustin Ebaugh Voicover

Dustin voiced his first radio commercial for a local bank at the age of 4. At that time he couldn’t have known radio would become his career for 20 years, but it did. From there, he transitioned into voice acting. He had to unlearn some of the things he did in radio, but the technical and recording knowledge have served him well.

He has been a full time voice actor for 15 years and has voice commercials and projects for clients like Coca-Cola, UPS, Zaxby’s Chicken, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, Nature Made Vitamins, Niagara Water and many others. He enjoys the unique nature of his job and all the wonderful people with which he’s privileged to work on a daily basis.

Dustin is proud to be one of the four founders and first President Emeritus of the World-Voices Organization, an industry association for voice actors around the world. He’s passionate about mentoring new and upcoming talent on a weekly basis, giving freely of his time to those who need a hand.

He is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, and thus has been disappointed for 50 years, but finally, his persistence has paid off! He is also the captain of his men’s 3.0 USTA tennis team and enjoys living in Las Vegas with his beautiful wife. He is blessed with several dear friends, many who have helped him along his life’s path. For this, he is eternally grateful.

Political Issues & Causes:

In addition to providing voiceovers for Democrats and progressives and mission-driven organizations, Dustin is very concerned about climate change and finding a sustainable solution for our energy needs that does not include coal, gas and oil. He's also interested in finding a healthcare solution that leaves no American without basic medical care, which he believes is a human right, not a profit center for corporations. He believes the single most important thing for this election cycle is making sure Donald Trump no longer occupies The White House.

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