Jim O’Connor

Jim O'Connor

Vocal Descriptors:

Caring, Natural, Down-to-earth, Honest, Mature, Confident

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Accents/Dialects: Midwestern, Southern, NYC/New Jersey, Texas/Western, West Coast/Valley,  Rural, Country or Appalachian

Progressive Mature Voice Talent
Senior LGBT Male Voice Actor
Senior Political Voiceover Artist
Mature Progressive Voiceover Artist

Contact Jim O'Connor: jim@jimoconnorvoice.com7079809439 |

Jim O'Connor, recently featured in a Solano County Supervisor commercial, offers a professional, versatile voice, blending confidence with genuine care. With a natural, down-to-earth tone, he brings sincerity and honesty to every recording, reflecting his maturity and confidence.

His background in medicine and education, coupled with experience as a professor, provides a unique perspective to his voice over work. Trained at Voice One in San Francisco and coached by industry experts like Thom Pinto, Jim is highly adaptable, bringing creative flair to each project.

Equipped with professional-grade studio gear, Jim delivers high-quality recordings promptly, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.

Whether it's commercials, narration, or character work, his voice brings narratives to life, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Jim's diverse interests reflect his passion for life and learning, infusing his voice work with energy and enthusiasm.

Studio Details

Jim's broadcast-quality home studio is located in his residence in the vibrant San Francisco Bay area.

Equipped with top-notch gear, it boasts an SE Electronics X1 S microphone, a Sennheiser MKE 600, and a Scarlet2i2G3 2x2 Scarlett interface. What sets it apart is the custom-built home audio booth crafted by Jim Edgar, ensuring optimal sound quality for every recording session.

In terms of software, he relies on Twisted Wave and Audacity for editing, and Source Connect for seamless collaboration with clients and colleagues. This setup not only delivers professional-grade recordings but also offers the flexibility and convenience of working from home.

Turnaround Time

Pacific Standard Time (PST). Jim O'Connor can offer same-day or next day turnaround in his professional home studio.

Connection Details

Jim is available for live remote directed voiceover sessions via Source Connect, Phone, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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More About Jim O’Connor

Jim O’Connor: Senior LGBTQI+ Voiceover Actor

Jim O’Connor brings a professional touch to your projects with his versatile voice, tailored to resonate with your audience. From LGBTQI+ narratives to medical narration, Jim’s expertise spans various domains, ensuring your message is conveyed with authenticity and impact.

With a natural, down-to-earth tone, Jim embodies sincerity and honesty, reflecting his maturity and confidence. His background in medicine and education adds a unique perspective to his voiceover work, enriched by years of experience in stage acting, commercials, and academia.

Trained at Voice One in San Francisco and coached by industry experts, Jim is highly motivated and adaptable, readily taking directions while also bringing his own creative flair to each project.

Based in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Jim’s interests span from open-water swimming to musical theater, reflecting his passion for life and learning. This diversity infuses his voice work with energy and enthusiasm, ensuring each project receives a captivating delivery.

Equipped with top-notch studio gear and software, Jim ensures prompt, high-quality recordings, delivering a seamless collaboration experience. Clients praise his expressive and inviting voice, alongside his dedication to meeting project deadlines and accommodating their specific needs.

Whether it’s commercials, narration, audiobooks, or character work, Jim’s voice breathes life into narratives, leaving a lasting impression. Nostalgic, familiar, and trustworthy, Jim’s voice elevates projects to exceptional heights, making him an invaluable asset to any production team searching for LGBTQI+ or mature voiceover talent for a political campaign.

Political Issues & Causes:

-Stopping threats to Democracy from Republikans
-Trump’s criminality!
-Climate change
-Women’s rights
-LGBTQ+ rights
-Appointing Supreme court justices who are progressives.

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