June Yoon

Blue Wave Voiceover june_yoon

Vocal Descriptors:

Bilingual, Korean, Accented, Authoritative, Gravitas, Directable

Pronouns: he/him/his

Accents/Dialects: Korean

Contact June Yoon: june@juneyoon.actor | 562-741-7423

June is a Korean-bilingual, full-time voice actor in Los Angeles with a broadcast-quality home studio. Primarily a character-focused voice actor, June's voice can be heard in various video games, animation, audio productions, and English dubs on major streaming platforms. Born and raised in Korea, then having immigrated to the U.S. at age 14, June speaks with a slight, organically-developed, Korean-accented English that is not heard from anyone, making his voice unlike any other (and he's looked!).

As a narrator, June has recorded for major global brands like Mercedes-Benz, Mastercard, Samsung, IBM, Bayer, Fitbit, and more.

As a political voice talent, June has recently worked on a campaign for Marilyn Strickland in Washington in the Korean language, and he hopes to continue to lend his voice.

With over a decade of experience in education, June is also the quintessential teacher. His authoritative delivery reflects his years as an educator, making the listener lean in to his words. June lives his happiness as a voice talent, a husband, and a dad to his two young boys, and will do everything in his power to shape the country that his boys will grow up into.

Studio Details

June records from inside his StudioBricks One Plus VO Edition booth using an Apollo Twin MkII interface, paired with two microphones: the Sennheiser MKH-416 and the Neumann U87 Ai. He uses TwistedWave on his Mac Studio, which is hard-wired to the FiOS ethernet for reliable Source-Connect Standard sessions.

Turnaround Time

June is a full-time voice actor and is capable of same-day delivery, typically within hours. He is also available in evenings and weekends for urgent and rush requests.

Connection Details

June's home studio is equipped with Source-Connect Standard and most conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Discord, and more.

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More About June Yoon

June is a Korean voice actor in Los Angeles capable of both English and Korean. Issues such as gun control, bodily autonomy, and rights of the marginalized groups are of utmost importance to June, and he will do his part in elevating the candidates that are in alignment with his values. As a dad of two young boys, June is committed to doing everything he can to provide a safe and just world for them.

Political Issues & Causes:
  • Gun Control
  • Bodily Autonomy
  • Rights of marginalized groups
  • Education

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