Steve Zarro

Vocal Descriptors:

Confident, Clear, Cool, Smooth, Soothing, Moving

Pronouns: he/him/his


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Steve Zarro is a full-time voice actor, a narrator/producer of audiobooks, as well as an illustrator and writer- all from his professional home studio. As a voice actor and producer of ready-to-use audio for over ten years, Steve has provided companies like Verizon Wireless, Coach USA, MegaBus, Smirnoff, Etsy, Design Group and more with commercial and corporate voiceover that is custom made and easily integrated into their content upon receipt. He has also provided self-produced narration for full length audiobooks as well as narrating the documentary ""This House Matters"", about the destruction and preservation of historic American homes. Steve’s live stage experience has been equally put to use with live hosting and announcing duties for the NYC Marathon as well as hosting two shows on an internet radio station during its startup.

Steve takes pride in offering fast turnaround and paying close attention to his client’s needs in every way. His prior 20+ years of experience as a customer facing employee and as a corporate trainer have taught him the value of listening and asking questions.

In addition to “Team Blue” political ads, Steve also works frequently in E-Learning, Commercial, Corporate, and Explainer video voiceover. He is also donates his "voice of Santa" audio for a good cause to the New City North Pole Airport every year.

Studio Details

Steve maintains a professional in-home studio equipped with a 5' x 7' WhisperRoom recording booth, his Rode NT1 and trusty Scarlett 2i2 interface. He has graduated to Punch-and-Roll recording, and editing/mastering using Studio One and Izotope RX, streamlining his process while increasing quality and output.

Turnaround Time

Steve is a full-time voice talent and can offer same-day turnaround, immediate if needed. He is available during traditional business hours regularly, typically with a very early start, and although he does his best to cook dinner and be part of family time, he always offers flexibility during evening hours and on weekends for urgent voiceover sessions and important jobs.

Connection Details

Steve is available for live remote directed voiceover sessions via SourceConnect, Google, WebEx, Skype and Zoom. If you use a cooler one, he's game for that too. And of course, coming from a call center background and being a child of the 80s, he remains available via phone.

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More About Steve Zarro

A few years ago Steve and some cast members were getting to know each other during rehearsals for an upcoming live performance, making friends and sharing stories the way people do, when one of them said something to Steve that actually sums him up quite well. She said, “I can see how much you value being clear and being understood, how important it is to you.”

And it’s absolutely true.

He is not the a typical kind of guy, and definitely not stereotypical. Steve is much closer to “atypical”.

Growing up as the youngest child of all boys, being an obese child from the earliest memory, being bullied and picked on, being an artist and performer, being bisexual- all of these made “being understood” the underlying priority of his communication process. These are the things that differentiate Steve as a listener and communicator, as a partner and collaborator, and as the voice that tells the story.

Steve was an actor long before he ever set foot on stage. Growing up watching TV and movies in the 80s was his earliest training. He was always easily drawn into the stories, but for Steve it always went beyond that as well. He loved the idea that something written, rehearsed, memorized, and clearly premeditated…could look and sound so real, as though it were happening for the first time. While one part of his brain was absorbing the storyline, another was following camera tricks while spotting poor continuity and constantly trying to figure out “how they did that” (and often knowing the answer). Even cartoons were so much more to him, because he was less interested in make-believe ducks and bunnies and more interested in the men and women who got to say all that crazy stuff into a microphone in reality. For a job.

Even while spending more than 20 years of his life doubling as a corporate employee by day, Steve always knew he belonged in the arts. His flow of creativity and commitment to a clear message are steady and unyielding. Whether he is playing “Lenny” on stage in Of Mice & Men, recording audiobooks in his studio, making commercials in someone else’s, or working on writing and illustrating his books, Steve is a passionate and creative storyteller.

Political Issues & Causes:

Steve is a bi hubby/father and proud member of the LGBTQ community. He is staunchly anti-bullying, anti-Trump, pro-gun control, pro-choice, pro mental health advocacy. His wife and partner for the past 29 years is a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, thus causing Steve to be a powerful feminist ally as well.

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