Cenophia Mitchell

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Vocal Descriptors:

Unique, Cool, Warm, Youthful, Relatable, Versatile

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Democratic Voiceover Talent
Political Voiceover Artist
Female Political Voiceover
Black Female Voiceover
African American Voiceover Talent
Millennial Political Voiceover

Contact Cenophia: nophi.vo@cenophia.com | 917-426-9178 |

Cenophia (“Nophi”) is a full-time political voice talent with a very unique name and a voice to match. Her voice has a warm yet cool factor that she's brought to various projects for clients like Netflix, Cole Haan, WNYC, Epson, Morgan Stanley, Starbucks, Uber, and more. What clients say they love about Cenophia's vocal tone and style is that it appeals to both male and female listeners.

Cenophia's unique range makes her a great fit for a wide range of projects. She often voices explainer videos, e-learning, and educational projects for children, teens, and adult audiences. Other genres she frequently voices for include streaming radio and social media ads, relatable children's characters for animated projects, video games, and the occasional song parody.

Studio Details

Cenophia's studio uses an Audio-Technica AT4040 Microphone, a Shure KSM32 Microphone and a Rode NTG5 Shotgun Microphone. She will also travel to studios in New York City (and nearby areas).

Turnaround Time

Eastern Standard Time (EST, GMT-5). Cenophia is a full-time voice talent and can offer a general 24 hour turnaround time, but she will always do her best to work with clients who may need a same day or more urgent turnaround time.

Connection Details

Cenophia is available for live remote directed voiceover sessions via SourceConnect and phone patch, or can connect to local studios to suit a client's specific needs.

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More About Cenophia Mitchell

Freelance Political VO

Cenophia “Nophi” Mitchell is a full-time New York City-based voiceover talent. Her first job of any kind ever was in voiceover, providing the voice for an originally made Jim Henson’s Muppet named “Toya”. It would be many years and many jobs later before she revisited voice acting again, this time as a full-time passion. Her experience in acting, music, educational theater, facilitation, mentorship, and as an  Apple-certified technician gave her the mixed bag of fuel she needed to build a truly unique career path where she gets to explore a wide range of genres in the voiceover world.

Her voiceover experience includes work in commercials, pre-roll, animation, children’s programming, corporate narration, explainer videos, social media ads, eLearning, short films, song parodies, video games, PSAs, and more.

She sees every single project as a unique opportunity and greets every new project with enthusiasm. Her acting background gives her a love for exploring different characters, ranging from child to adult (realistic boy voices being one of her specialties), but her experience teaching and facilitating workshops and troubleshooting tech issues makes her just as passionate about making sure that audiences of all ages and backgrounds can understand the information they need to, with an approach that is the antithesis of condescending or boring. That includes tougher to talk about topics, which she doesn’t shy away from.

Cenophia also loves connecting with people from all walks of life, it’s the Queens girl in her. She is inspired by how the diversity of the VO industry matches the diversity of the people she gets to reach.

Cenophia is known for having a storytelling style with an edge, that audiences from generations x, y, and z can relate to. Projects she’s worked on have hired her to portray college students, honest millennials, realistically urban voices, relatable professionals, conversational and friendly, motivational and inspiring, poetic storytellers, informed experts, and caring advocates.

If you’re looking for a voice that is accessible without being typical, Cenophia would love to discuss working with you on your next project.

Political Issues & Causes:

Cenophia lives in Queens, New York the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, and home to both of NYC’s major airports, so it’s the perfect place to support her love for diversity, cross-cultural connections, and so much good food!

In addition to providing voiceovers for Democrats and progressives and mission-driven organizations, Cenophia is passionate about many issues the Democratic Party has pledged to take on and believes strongly in the power of social activism sparking positive and effective change. She was born and raised in one of the most multicultural places on earth, so she has seen first hand the power in diversity, and knows that making sure that all Americans feel truly represented by our government, regardless of their cultural background, social status, or how they personally identify, is essential.

New York is the city Cenophia calls home but it has become, more and more, an extremely expensive place to live and thrive, to the point that it’s forcing many natives to move. This is why issues such as affordable housing, affordable healthcare, minimum wage pay, job creation, support for workers, and economic equality are all issues that speak to her personally, and as an African-American woman of course gender and racial inequality speak to her heart and pockets. The fact that black women on average are paid 38% less than white men is an issue she thinks counts and can no longer afford to be overlooked (puns intended).

From the time she was a teenager, Cenophia has been an active member of non-profit organizations focusing on issues like youth empowerment, multicultural bridge-building, creating safe spaces, sexual health and education, social and emotional learning, activism through the arts, conflict resolution, and mentorship, and other prevalent issues to young people throughout the country. This is why issues like education quality and access are extremely important to her. She knows first hand what that kind of support can empower young people to do. She also feels strongly that money should not be what stands between anyone and their full potential.

Criminal Justice reform is also extremely important to her. She knows that mass incarceration and targeted criminalizing policies against people of color need to be addressed, Police brutality without accountability needs to be addressed, systematic discrimination in our justice system being normalized needs to be addressed, and gun control needs to be truly addressed. Cenophia is no stranger to using social media as a means of awareness when it comes to these topics but she really wants to see more legislature putting proactive policy changes in place.

Cenophia is also an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and stands by making sure they don’t have to worry about the loss of basic rights during every new election cycle. Her hometown also has a huge immigrant population that she knows first-hand helps strengthen it, so she believes in immigration policies that make new Americans feel welcomed and not afraid. The rise in racially motivated attacks and xenophobia infuriates her and makes her passionate about fighting back with not just empathy and education but inclusive plans and policy. Each fight for their rights is a fight for our rights!

And last but certainly not least, Cenophia strongly supports protecting the right of every American citizen to vote and have their vote counted.

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