Cherie B. Tay

Blue Wave Voiceover A headshot of Cherie Tay, an AAPI voiceover artist

Vocal Descriptors:

Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Velvet Smooth, Youthful, Warm

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Theirs

Accents/Dialects: Singaporean

Millennial Political Voiceover
Democratic Voiceover Talent
Female Political Voiceover
Gender Non-Conforming Voiceover
Asian American Voiceover
LGBTQIA+ Voiceover

Contact Cherie: | 724-374-3829

Cherie B. Tay (she/they) is a queer, BIPOC, gender non-conforming Voice Actor & multimedia creative artist. In addition to providing voiceovers for political projects, Cherie works across other genres like animation, commercial, eLearning, narration, podcasts, and trailers. In addition to being a voiceover artist, they are also a Broadway stage manager (Hadestown), a professional photographer (featured in the New York Times and Vulture), avideographer, and a ukulele teacher. Cherie is proud to provide professional voiceover services for progressive causes.

Studio Details

Cherie has a professional home studio with a Synco D2 shotgun microphone, Scarlett 2i2, and uses Adobe Audition recording software.

Turnaround Time

Eastern Standard Time (EST, GMT-5). Cherie is based in Brooklyn, NY, and offers immediate and overnight turnaround for urgent and rush jobs.

Connection Details

Cherie is available for live remote directed sessions via SourceConnect, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime.

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Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

Stage Manager Calls

More About Cherie B. Tay

Cherie B. Tay (she/they) is a voice over actor, multimedia artist, and renaissance woman. Based in Brooklyn, NYC, they have lived in Texas, Connecticut, Singapore, Pennsylvania, and San Diego.

As a voice actor, Cherie has worked on animated shorts, eLearning, radio commercials, live announce, podcasts, promos, and trailers.

Clients appreciate Cherie’s warmth, charm, and excellent communication.

Cherie is a Broadway stage manager by day and was working on Hadestown when the shutdown happened.

Pandemic highlights:

  • Built a voice over/music recording home studio
  • Created a good news podcast to help people fall asleep after doom-scrolling
  • Photography featured in New York Times, Vulture, and Time Out
  • Played ukulele and trombone, and sang for kids live on zoom
  • Fostered 4 dogs and foster-failed with one (Mochi)
  • Volunteered through local organizations and mutual aid

In addition to voice acting, Cherie has many other skills and hobbies.

Their photography has been published in the New York Times, Vulture, and Forbes.

They taught ukulele to the broadway touring cast of Margaritaville.

They also like to solve Rubik’s cubes in their spare time. Average solve time is under 90 seconds.

They have guest lectured/paneled with Yale, Columbia, UC Irvine, and many other universities for stage management classes.

Political Issues & Causes:

- Democrat and Progressive Campaigns

  • LGBTQ+ Rights and Fights
  • As a queer, gender non-conforming artist, Cherie is passionate about fighting for rights and clearing a path for the LGBTQ+ community ahead of them.

  • BIPOC rights
  • Diversity and inclusion are a daily matter in Cherie's life. Let's invite more people to the table and make sure they feel included.

  • Women's Rights
  • Cherie is passionate about fighting for equal pay, women's body rights, and smashing the patriarchy.

  • Stopping Anti Asian Violence
  • As an Asian American, Cherie is shattered and heartbroken by the violence against the Asian community. No one should be afraid to live their life out in the world because of their skin.

  • Pro Immigration
  • As a first generation American, Cherie is proud to have roots in Singapore and Malaysia, and be given an opportunity to fulfill her dreams in the USA.

  • Healthcare
  • It's time for healthcare for all.

  • Better Pay
  • As someone who has interned, assisted, and worked for less than minimum wage, Cherie is fighting to get better pay for all. People should be able to make a living wage (and then some) while working a full time job.

  • Unions
  • Cherie is Pro Union.

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