Jason Grasl

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Vocal Descriptors:

Brooding, Tenor, Intelligent, Native American, Deep

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Accents/Dialects: British RP, Cockney, Irish, Australian, US Midwest, US Texas, US Southern, New York

Democratic Voiceover Talent
Political Voice Over Actor
Indigenous Voice Actor
Native American Voiceover Talent
Male Political Voiceover
Millennial Political Voiceover
Voiceover For Politicals

Contact Jason: jasongrasl@gmail.com | 586-899-7622 |

Jason is a full-time actor, voiceover artist, and teacher, and has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. An indigenous Native American voiceover artist, his voice has represented major brands such as Comcast, McDonald's, The Ford Motor Company, Toyota, and more.

Jason's character and narration voice work includes animated series, short films, podcast introductions, and audiobooks. He has also lent his voice talent to corporate videos and websites.

Jason's voice offers a confident and soothing tone that makes the listener feel reassured and at ease with the idea, issue, candidate, or product that he's talking about. His voice sits in the tenor range - great for the gravitas of serious copy, but also the approachable, conversational tone to represent the confident leader, the young dad, coworker, the boyfriend, the husband, and the go-getter.

Studio Details

Jason maintains a professional sound booth that is equipped with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface system with condenser microphone, and Mac Pro Editing Suite.

Turnaround Time

Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT-8). Jason is a full-time voice talent and can offer immediate and same-day turnaround and is available after traditional business hours for urgent and rush jobs.

Connection Details

Jason is available for live remote directed sessions via SourceConnect, Phone Patch, Skype, and Zoom.

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More About Jason Grasl

Political Voiceover Actor

Jason is a male voiceover talent. He was adopted and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, where he started his career as an actor in theatre and television, before moving to Los Angeles in 2007. He has performed on professional stages all over the United States, appeared in dozens of regional and national commercials, is a recurring character on the Peacock series Rutherford Falls, the first US network comedy series written by a predominantly Native American/Indigenous writers’ room and featuring a largely Native American/Indigenous cast.

In 2018, he narrated the award-winning animated comedy short film Telling People You’re Native American When You’re Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You’re A Bear When You’re Not A Bear.

Jason’s voiceover career began in the mid-2000s and since then, he has worked with brands, production companies and studios around the globe to bring their diverse content to life. Jason specializes in voiceover for television and radio commercials, podcast narration (both scripted and non-scripted), audiobook narration, museum interactive content narration, website tutorial narration, English dubbing of series regulars for multiple international streaming series, and live-narration for conventions.

Jason does a few impressions, including Stewie Griffin, Cookie Monster, Sean Connery, Alan Rickman, and Owen Wilson.

On top of acting and voice acting, Jason is also a playwright. In 2020, his play Lying With Badgers, a family drama about estranged brothers on the Blackfeet Reservation–the tribal nation from which Jason descends–had it’s production interrupted by Covid. His latest play, The Normal Force, a sci-fi drama about the pervasiveness of colonized thought in higher education, was commissioned during the pandemic. Jason writes with the intention of centering the lives of contemporary Native Americans in his narratives, something culture/pop-culture has rarely made room for until recently.

In addition to his background in entertainment, Jason has a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and a master of arts in theology with a concentration in culture/pop-culture. These educational backgrounds have given Jason a unique ability to narrate/voice complicated science jargon, as well as complex academic copy and make it all seem conversational.

Jason lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jessica, a television writer and producer, their son Lincoln, and Labrador Retriever named Abigail Bartlett (we’re West Wing fans).

Political Issues & Causes:

Indigenous/Native Issues, Voting Rights, anti-Gerrymandering, Education reform, Women's Rights, Food Insecurity, Climate Change, Environmental Issues.

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