Aimee Gironimi

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Vocal Descriptors:

Warm, Real, Conversational, Genuine, Approachable, Mature

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Accents/Dialects: I can dial my American Midwest accent up or down, and can perform a nice variety of American accents. I also have been trained for RP British and every day London accents.

Contact Aimee Gironimi: | 414-416-4214

Aimee was an Associate Director for a touring theater company in the 1990s. She then spent 20+ years in the non-profit and corporate sectors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before becoming a full-time professional voice talent. She has done voiceover for brands and organizations including Pfizer, Washington Post, Vooks, McKinsey & Company, Northwestern Mutual, and the Ford Foundation. In 2022, Aimee voiced spots for political issues and candidates in MN, MI, and AK. While political voiceover is a steady passion - Aimee also voices for TV & Radio brands, eLearning projects, Voice of God (Live Announcer for events), HR & other corporate training, and spent much of the last year diving into the world of character development for animated shows and video games. Aimee's voice for political ads is the one you go to for a middle-aged, mature-sounding woman who is confident & wise, your spirited best friend, or your favorite Aunt who can say it with a wink!

Studio Details

Aimee's 3x5 fully treated home audio studio is verified broadcast-ready. She uses a Sennheiser MKH 416 mic and is proficient in Adobe Audition. Her studio also boasts a hardwired internet connection, iZotope Audio Editor, SourceConnect Standard (ID: agironimi), Zoom subscription for backup recording, and ipDTL.

Turnaround Time

Aimee works as a Voice Actor full-time from her home studio and can turn around projects in a snap (same-day and on-the-spot.) Live in a different timezone? Never fear - Aimee makes herself available around the clock as needed.

Connection Details

Aimee is available for remotely directed sessions via SourceConnect Standard, ipDTL, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and your cell phone - if that's what it takes!

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More About Aimee Gironimi

Aimee is an award-nominated Voice Actor and Voiceover Artist. A stage actor & director for a regional children’s theater until 1996, Aimee then went to graduate school & spent over 20 years as a Leadership Development & Instructional Design practitioner. Aimee jokes she “blended the arts and her smarts” to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time Voice Actor by 50 – and she did just that! Aimee has voiced projects for major brands including IBM, Boeing, Zillow, TopGolf, Borden, Aetna, Amazon, and many more. In 2022, as a political voiceover talent, Aimee provided voiceover for the Minnesota DFL, the State of Alaska, and the Michigan Secretary of State race.

In 2022, she was nominated for a SOVAS®️ Award for her narration of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin LGBT Walking Tour app, called “lgbt milWALKee.” Alongside her work in political voiceover, Aimee does voiceover for TV & Radio, TV Promo, eLearning, Voice of God (Live Announcer), Virtual Announcing, eLearning, Corporate Narration, Animation, and Video Games. Her meticulously crafted work – in the booth and with her business – is a key part of her brand, alongside having that “one-of-a-kind” personality who is a delight to work with in the booth! Aimee’s voice has range – she can go from a soft and calming tone, to a professional corporate leader, to an over-the-top character in a snap – and has been told by many producers she is “so directable.”

Fun fact: Aimee is the first U.S. Voice Actor to be nationally certified as both an LGBT-Owned and Disabled-Owned Business!

Political Issues & Causes:

Aimee is extremely passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, Women's Reproductive Rights, Racial Justice, Social Justice, Mental Health awareness & access, and preserving our democracy. She has worked in reproductive health as a leader in education & training, and volunteers regularly during election seasons.

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