African American Voiceovers

Working with Black and African American Voiceovers for your scripts and projects can have a powerful impact.

With increased calls for diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation across all industries, it’s critical that companies and brands take a close look at how (and if) they are amplifying diverse voices. Whether in television, film, or voiceover projects, diverse representation needs to increase.

Consider Black and African American Voiceovers For Your Project

As you consider your next project or script and search for the voiceover talent to help you bring it to life, Whether in a political radio spot, documentary narration, commercial voiceover, or corporate training materials it’s important to take the time to listen and understand the audiences you are looking to reach.

The 2020 U.S. Census reports that there are 46.9 million Black or African Americans in the United States. A recent study found that two in three Black Americans do not feel properly represented in the media. The study found that: “67% of Americans across political ideologies and ethnicities feel there is a greater need on-screen representation of all of the following: mixed race individuals, Black men, Black women, Black children, Black teenagers, Black gay men, Black gay women, Black transgender men, Black transgender women, Black non-binary or genderqueer, Black men with disabilities and Black women with disabilities.”

Aligning Your Message With The Right Voiceover

What does this mean for companies and brands? There continues to be a need to increase the representation of Black and African American Voiceovers on television and film. 

Listening offers an opportunity to recognize that there is a lot to learn and to start doing the work to learn. In light of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Walter Scott, and countless more, there has been an awakening across the country of the systemic injustices that impact communities of color, especially the Black community. A quick Google search will bring up resources that can help with learning more about systemic racism and injustices and the ways people can help fight against them.

We stand with our communities of color, and we’re proud to feature talented Black and African American voice actors.

A quick casting note: The words “urban” or “street” have frequently been used in casting notices as an equivalent synonym for a Black or African American voice. Like any group, the Black community is not a monolith and not all voices are “urban”-sounding. If you’re specifically looking for an “urban” sound, read, or dialect to appeal to and sound like a specific regional community, please click here to check out our multicultural talents that specifically perform an “urban” sound or dialect, which is not race-specific.

We Can Help You Find The Right Voice For Your Message

If you’re looking for female voiceover talents or male voiceover talents, or non-binary voiceover talents, you’ll find a roster of professionals to work with through Blue Wave Voiceover. Whether you’re looking for a Gen Z voice, a voice to represent or connect with Millennials and Gen X, or a voice that speaks to Baby Boomers, you’ll find professional voiceover artists at Blue Wave Voiceover who can help you build your powerful and impactful message.