Carolina Hoyos

Blue Wave Voiceover Carolina_Hoyos

Vocal Descriptors:

Upbeat, Friendly, Relatable, Passionate, Warm, Conversational

Pronouns: She/They

Accents/Dialects: NYC (5+ boroughs), Mid-Atlantic, Philly/Baltimore, Texas, Louisiana, British RP, Multi-Cultural London, Italian, Spanish, French, various Latin American accents

Languages: Spanish (Fluent), Italian (Beginner), Quechua (Beginner), Apache, Comanche, Cherokee, Mayan, Nahuatl, Quechua, Navajo (phrases)

Democratic Voiceover Talent
Political Voiceover Actor
Native American Voice Actor
Indigenous Voiceover Talent
Female Voiceover
Two Spirit Voice Actor
Afro-Indigenous Latin Voice Actor
Bilingual Political Voiceover
Millennial Political Voiceover

Contact Carolina Hoyos: | 818-639-1155

Carolina Hoyos is an award-winning full-time multi-lingual voice over artist and actor.

An indigenous voiceover artist, Carolina has represented clients and brands like Toyota, Anna's Linens and Hospital Aventista Valle de Angeles. Carolina regularly provides voiceover for programs on HBO, Amazon Prime, Nick Jr., and Netflilx, as well explainer videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and video games.

Recently, Carolina won an Audiofiles Earphones Award. She has narrated for Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Dreamscape and Scribd.

Studio Details

Carolina's professional home studio is a treated walk in closet featuring a Sennheiser MKH416 microphone, Rode NT1-A microphone, Shure Beta 58A microphone, Centrance MicPort Pro 3 interface, Motu M4 interface, Macbook Air, iPad Pro, Macbook Pro, Twisted Wave DAW and Logic Pro Daw.

Turnaround Time

Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT-8). Carolina is a full-time voice artist and can typically offer immediate or same-day turnaround. She is available after traditional hours for rush jobs.

Connection Details

Carolina can be live remote directed in sessions via SourceConnect, Phone Patch, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

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More About Carolina Hoyos

Political Voiceover Actor

Carolina Hoyos is a Two Spirit Afro-Indigenous Latine actor-writer-director, singer-songwriter-voice artist and 2021 Peace Studio Creative Peacebuilder. 2021 highlights include directing feature debut Indigiqueer Identity with Celebration Theatre, performing Macbeth, Comedy of Errors and Romeo & Juliet with Black Girls Luv The Bard, The Bowels at Women’s Theatre Festival, solo piece commissions from The Peace Studio and Celebration Theater and Voicing for HBO, Nick Jr., an Earphones Award Winner for Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Dreamscape and Forteller Games. Film/TV credits include MTV Hits, Nicholas Winding Refn’s Too Old To Die Young and Austin Film Festival winner Blackwater. Carolina is a 2020 West Hollywood Directing Artist, a 2019 LA Skins TV Writer Lab Fellow and an official LA County Music Artist through 2024.

Political Issues & Causes:
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Gun Violence
  • Gender inequality
  • Poverty and Homelessness
  • Immigration
  • Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination
  • Climate justice
  • Healthcare
  • Refugee crisis
  • Racial Injustice
  • Income Gap
  • Hunger and food insecurity

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