Female Voiceover Talents

The roster of female voice talent at Blue Wave Voiceover brings decades of experience and training that will bring your project to life, strengthen your brand, and build trust with the audiences you are looking to reach. Working with a professional female voiceover actor means you’re guaranteed a high-quality product that is delivered on-time.

Women’s Voiceovers Can Cut Through

With smart assistants such as Siri and Alexa becoming more popular, it’s interesting to note that companies are choosing to use female voices to guide their smart devices. Studies have shown that listeners perceive female voices to be more trustworthy than male voices. In one particular study, researchers found that female voices with a higher pitch are more likely to be trusted, especially in situations where there is economic exchange such as sales and purchasing goods, and another study indicated that a higher pitched female voice was associated with warmth. Yet another study found that listeners associated female voices with a lower pitch with more confidence and experience.

The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Female Voice Talent

Here are some ways a professional female voiceover artist can help:

#1 Build trust with new hires or employees through your onboarding materials voiced by a female voiceover artist to help you convey a welcoming, warm, and trustworthy environment.

#2 Establish credibility with new audiences or prospective clients with explainer videos that feature a female voiceover artist that walks through the features of your product or software.

#3 Introduce award recipients or performances with a female voiceover that conveys warmth and confidence for your audience.

#4 Communicate difficult news or sensitive information with a female voiceover who can balance empathy and kindness while delivering the content.

Finding The Right Female Voiceover Talent For Your Project

You’ll find a wide range of female voiceover talents at Blue Wave Voiceover. Whether you’re looking for a youthful Gen Z or Millennial read, or you’d like a wise, mature, senior voice – we’ve got options all across the spectrum for you, including featured female voices of color, and bilingual women as well. Under the Search Voices tab, you can sort through our talent roster by gender, age/generation, ethnic background or language. Voiceover artists who are African-American or fully bilingual in Spanish and English are available!

Female Voiceovers With Accents & Dialects

We also have voiceover artists who offer specific dialects and accents such as Urban, Hispanic, Midwestern, Southern, New York City/New Jersey, Boston/New England, Rural, Country, and Appalachian.

Get To Know Each Of Our Female Voice Actors

On each voice actor’s page, you will find demos of the work they specialize in. You can also learn about the specific microphones, sound booths, connection equipment, recording software, and editing software the voice artists keep in their professional home studios. The voice talents can also work with you in a live directed voiceover session via ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, phone patch, Source Connect, and ISDN.

Struggling to make a decision? You can also hold a casting, where multiple voice talents will record an excerpt of your commercial as an audition. We can arrange a voiceover casting for you without up-front cost or hiring obligation!

Meet the fantastic female voiceover talents – representing some of the top working voices today – at Blue Wave Voiceover!

Casting Female Voiceover Actors

Our casting page includes media markets, web usage, file formats, word counts for voiceover scripts, casting specs, budgets, narration, explainer videos, tips, and best practices. You can use these resources to ensure your casting spec script is ready before you begin the audition process.

Make sure to set a specific deadline for when you’ll need to receive your casting submissions (as well as when you’ll need the finished product). You can also specify audio formats and file names for how the auditions should be saved.

Email casting@bluewavevoiceover.com if you’d like to conduct a free casting with our female voiceover talents.