Multicultural & Diverse Voiceovers

With calls for representation and diversity in all forms of media, there is an opportunity to advocate for and bring in multicultural and diverse voiceovers that goes beyond the visual and includes the auditory experience.

Working with professionals from the roster of multicultural and diverse voiceover talent at Blue Wave Voiceover ensures your project reflects the audience you’re looking to reach. Each professional voiceover artist brings decades of experience and knowledge and can help you determine just the right tone, inflection, and overall approach.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Multicultural Americans

The 2020 U.S Census reported that for the first time, there was a decrease in the number of white Americans who “do not identify with other racial groups.” According to this article, “those identifying as Latino or Hispanic, Black, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Native American, and as two or more races now comprise more than 40% of the U.S. population.” Actually, by 2050, it is predicted that there will be no racial majority in America.

Diverse Representation In Media

As the world’s population is becoming more ethnically and racially diverse, so should the voiceovers incorporated in every project: political spots, streaming content, radio and television commercials, explainer videos, and documentary narration.

Representation in voiceover projects is a must for brands and companies who want to remain relevant and keep today’s audiences engaged. In a study from Facebook, 71% of consumers expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their advertising. Companies can build stronger connections with consumers by taking proactive steps towards authentic representation and inclusion in their content.

Casting Multicultural and Diverse Voiceovers For Your Project

Once you have your script for your project, think through the type of voiceover that fits what you are trying to convey and the audience you are trying to reach. Come up with a few words to describe the voice and tone you’re aiming for. For more help writing scripts and choosing talent, check out our guide to writing a casting spec.

As humans, multicultural and diverse voice actors of all walks of life, at Blue Wave Voiceover we understand how critical and how life-saving it is to not only celebrate diversity but actively build inclusive and safe spaces everywhere for marginalized people. We’re proud to feature some of the best voiceover actors from authentic, diverse backgrounds in the business, offering voice options that look and sound like America today.

If you’re looking to connect with African American audiences, Hispanic and Latino voters, Asian American constituents, or communities of color, we have a range of talented voice actors available — including bilingual [English/Spanish] speakers — who can help bring your project to life in an authentic way.