André Santana

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Vocal Descriptors:

Warm, Approachable, Youthful, Thoughtful, Dynamic, Passionate

Pronouns: he/him/his

Accents/Dialects: Slight Spanish & Portuguese accents in English

Contact André: ALSDJSantana@gmail.com413-854-4846

André Santana is an award-winning Black, Latinx, and non-binary SAG-AFTRA voice actor based in New York City. Born in Brazil and raised in Seattle, André's journey to tell great stories has imbued him with a passion for reaching people wherever they are—whether in his standard American English, proficient Portuguese, or conversational Spanish.

As a "Gen-Z elder" he has a keen sense of what resonates with younger audiences and can deliver both warm and biting reads. His academic background in sociology & psychology helps him zero in and deliver the key messages in challenging content. These strong instincts pair well with his flexibility and responsiveness to feedback and in-session direction.

Across voiceover, André Santana is primarily a celebrated audiobook narrator with Audie-finalist, Earphone Award, and YALSA Top Ten Audiobooks for Teens recognitions under his belt, among others. With a dynamic sense for character creation and genuine excitement for storytelling, he also records in union video games, e-learning, commercial, dubbing, and other voiceover categories.

Studio Details

André records in a StudioBricks double-walled booth, Rode NT1 microphone, Focusrite Scarlet 3rd Gen interface, Presonus Channel Strip, Adobe Audition, and Izotope RX 10 Standard.

Turnaround Time

André can offer a 24-hr turnaround on short-form content, and can be ready for same-day turnarounds on union work in peak seasons.

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Connection Details

André can work with clients live and remotely via SourceConnect, Phone Patch, Google, Hangouts, and Zoom.

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More About André Santana

André Santana is on a journey to tell great stories, and that journey began in Salvador, Brazil, brought him to Seattle where he grew up, and landed him in New York City where he now works full-time as a voice actor. A unique outcome of his experiences as a Black and Latine immigrant is his Portuguese (proficient) and Spanish (conversational), which he’s had the privilege of using across voiceover.

Currently in his mid-20s, André identifies as the oldest sector of Gen-Z. He has a mid-tone voice with a trustworthy range for lower, bass-heavy leanings and higher teen-to-preteen voices. He’s recorded dozens of hours of audiobooks in both ranges but knows his natural tone lands well as the recent graduate, younger brother, and even thoughtful expert.

As a voice actor, he primarily narrates audiobooks and is the Audie-Finalist narrator of BUILDING A SECOND BRAIN, the YALSA Top Ten Audiobooks for Teens narrator of THE SUNBEARER TRIALS, and an Earphone Award-winning narrator in STORIES FROM THE TENANTS DOWNSTAIRS. For him, books are one of the best places for people to discover stories outside themselves, and he’s honed his self-direction and range as an actor through this work.

André’s warm and dynamic voice has been fundamental on his journey, where he’s recorded smooth spoken word for podcasts, voiced over nail-biting true crime for television, performed mysterious figures and reflective protagonists for video games, and narrated long-form journalism across a variety of subjects.

All of this work is bolstered by his professional background before voiceover. In college, André studied psychology, biology, and sociology and researched queer identity development. He then worked in higher education as a diversity and equity specialist, running programs in student development, human resources, and event planning. Most recently, he worked as a recruiter for several years, hiring teachers for a school network in the northeast.

In his personal life, he’s also a voracious consumer of media, watching film and television across numerous genres and mediums that range from critically acclaimed indie films to Shonen anime. He’s logged hundreds of hours on games like Fortnite, Smash Bros, and most recently Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. And, because he came to his central work primarily as a fan, he listens to dozens of audiobooks every year.

Political Issues & Causes:

André is passionate about a variety of subjects including: racial equity, LGBTQ+ rights, criminal justice and police reform, voter access, immigration, government spending, local politics, public education, higher education access, homelessness and housing equity, and much more.

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