Adult - Generation X & Middle Age Voiceovers

The professional Adult Generation X & Middle Age voiceovers from Blue Wave Voiceover can bring the right tone and approach to engage with the generation between the Baby Boomer and Millennials.

Build trust with a professional voiceover artist who can connect with the Gen X audience. Whether you’re looking for a smooth and polished read or something more conversational and off-the-cuff, our talents provide excellent options for your projects. 

How To Define Generation X

Although Millennials and Gen Z are a quickly growing majority of the population, as of 2019, there are 65 million Generation X-ers, defined as those born between 1965 to 1976. Also part of the sandwich generation, this demographic has a unique perspective in influencing the older Baby Boomer generation and the younger Millennial and Gen Z demographic. As the generation defined by formative events and experiences such as the Reagan administration, the War on Drugs, the AIDS epidemic, the advent of technology, and dubbed the “MTV generation,” Gen X has been described as independent, skeptical, and adaptable.

What Generation X Values and Sees As Important

With Gen X’s value on loyalty, it is important to build trust and authority among this demographic. To connect with Gen X, building trust through authentic and genuine content can go a long way. As you develop the script for your project, include elements that communicate directly and with reassurance and confidence. Consider incorporating nostalgic elements or pop culture references to keep Gen X engaged. 

Find A Generation X and Middle-Aged Voice Actor

In addition to finding professional Adult Generation X & Middle Age voices who can speak to the Gen X audience, you can also find a voice talent at Blue Wave Voiceover who authentically represents a specific background, including:

Finding The Right Gen X or Adult Voiceover Talent For Your Project

If you’re stuck trying to decide which direction you want to go, here are some questions you can consider: What demographic of voice will best resonate with your message and intended audience? Think about age, gender, background, and personality. From there, describe your ideal, pie-in-the-sky spokesperson — celebrity archetypes are always welcome and give a great baseline for voice over actors to play with finally, think about the tone you want your voice (and ad) to strike. Is it hopeful & optimistic? Does it motivate through fear? What kind of picture of America does this voice over need to paint?

You can also listen to multiple voiceover demos to help you find the right fit. Voice actor demos include national and local commercials, network and cable promos, e-learning and educational videos, radio imaging, character, video game, animation work, telephone menus, IVR, TV and documentary narration, corporate narration, and more.

Meet our Gen X and Middle Aged Voiceover Talents at Blue Wave Voiceover:

Meet Gen X Where They're At

When thinking about the ads and platforms, hone in on the places where Gen X spends their time online. Place your ads and content on YouTube and Facebook in addition to streaming services to connect with this generation. 

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